Monday, May 28, 2012


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The company Guhl & Harbeck was founded on 02.11.1867 by August Hermann Heinrich Friedrich Christian Guhl and Harbeck. After the initial and highly successful production of sewing machines and typewriters ("Hammonia") was from around 1896 with the "Jupiter" and pencil sharpener (more precisely, pencil-sharpening machines) manufactured and exported worldwide.

built about 1905 to 1910 

, the "Jupiter 1" is based on a patent dated 15.01.1905 and was initially shipped with an additional weight in the body (hence the internal name "Jupiter 1 G"). There was no mine length adjustment, the movable carriage has a bolt-handle and push in the large drive wheel is the hemisphere (Sonnenbedruckung) formed a little deeper. The chip pan was like the machine is made ​​of cast iron and provided with a label.From this version, the pencil-sharpening machines are fitted with a plaque (made of metal or printed later).Also, special types of plaques known. 

Of this model, various national and international 
e inscription variants known (labels for the German, Swiss, Austrian, British and American markets). This model was sold only with a black finish. 

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